Ron Johnson Discipleship Podcast

E164 The Idea of America

Today we begin our discussion of Eric Metaxas' best-selling book, _If You Can Keep It: The Forgotten Promise of American Liberty. _In 1776 a nation was formed in a way that was absolutely unique in human history. It was something entirely new: the nation as an idea. It was nothing more and nothing less than this singular idea that held America and Americans together, and the idea in which they believed was, in a word, liberty. True freedom must be an “ordered freedom,” at the center of which is what we call “self-government.” The ordered freedom given to us by the Founders was meant to enable the people to govern themselves. This idea of a self-governed people was unheard of in its day. Freedom, after all, is fragile. How could a government by the people withstand the test of time? We talk about the necessary ingredients in our podcast today.

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