Ron Johnson Discipleship Podcast

E154 Education: Why Educate your Subjects?

Americans enjoy approximately 6000 different choices in the area of higher education. Globally there are over 25,000 colleges and universities. Education is something open to all and encouraged by all. So how did we reach this place? If you roll back the clock several centuries, you find a completely different landscape. There was a time when global illiteracy was the norm and education was reserved only for the elite. What changed this dismal situation? Christianity. The university was invented and established by Christians. An amazing 106 of 108 of the first colleges in America were founded on the Christian faith, the twin goals being training in the knowledge of God and equipping for lifelong service to the Lord. Sadly, our universities have become openly hostile to the faith that created them! How did this happen, and more importantly, how do we reclaim our rich Christian heritage?

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